The Story team is brought together by a shared passion for food & drink and a desire to share our knowledge to make every day taste better. Our values are to be honest, curious, original and collaborative.

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A Tribute to Ailana

The Story was founded by ex innocent drinks Head of Comms Ailana Kamelmacher in 2008.  Ailana’s passion for the finer food & drink in life led her to commit to starting a PR agency that prioritised passion and committed itself to the highest standards.

“As a business partner, Ailana was a force of nature, and consistently held a deep belief in the magic she aspired to create for others,”  recalls Gillian Cook, our longtime client and Diageo’s global head of Reserve. “The impact Ailana had was immeasurable through her creative spirit, unquenchable curiosity, and unwavering faith in the extraordinary. She was truly beloved by all who had the privilege of knowing her and will be remembered for the contribution she made to our business, and more importantly for the person she was.”

We lost our beloved Ailana in 2023 but her legacy lives on and we are continuously reminded of how we can each change things for the better and make life richer and more joyful for our team, our clients and everyone who interacts with our brands.

A tribute to Ailana