We’ve had a lot of conversations with brands who are or want to be ‘challengers’.

Being a challenger brand is about mindset. Challenger brands challenge something in the world around them.  They want to make things better and aren’t afraid to fly in the face of convention and stiff competition to share their mission.

Recently we’ve been getting to know EatBigFish, an agency dedicated to creating and advising challenger brands on strategies to succeed.  We even starred in a little film they made for their blog all about how we launched a challenger brand, Tony’s Chocolonely, into the UK market without an advertising budget.  We deliberately did things like branding and the physical experience of our installation a bit differently, and the mission was very clear (to make the cocoa industry 100% slave free).

We love working with people who aren’t afraid to upset the status quo.  It’s all very well intending to be bold but the brands who go out and do it for the right reasons are the ones that will change the world.

What are you currently challenging?  Which brands do you think will change the world and why?  We’d love to hear from you.

Read more in Adam Morgan of EatBigFish’s book Eating the Big Fish and at The Challenger Project