Another day. Another presentation slide with headshots of attractive people and some rationale about why these faces have been selected over other faces. Ten years ago in that same meeting, chances are most people in the room might have heard their names. They might have a view on whether the brand fit felt right. There was a fairly clear rate card system you could apply to figure out who delivered best value for money.

Those days are gone.

The pool of influencers is so wide that there is no way a client could possibly have heard of all of them, or already be following all their feeds. Pricing is all over the shop. Where once it was a race to the biggest follower numbers, micro influencers appeared and everyone agreed they were far better value for money. But it’s a pretty slow burn way to brand fame and the prevailing mood today is mixing up scale to deliver reach and depth. Tomorrow could see an entirely new breed appear.

It’s all very overwhelming.

And yet…we are now in the best place ever to measure the impact of what we do. The stats are instant. The top influencers are taking their jobs very seriously, determined to deliver value for money and brilliant content for their fans. They actually won’t just do any gig for any old brand for money. These guys are the ultimate editors of their own destiny. Their agents, when they have them, don’t ‘own them’. They can’t just punt them out for any gig for a cut.

Followers know this. They are quick to judge and quick to comment. So an inauthentic brand collaboration is sniffed out and called out. The photography is phenomenal. It’s far more inspiring than the boring old brand photography that used to be taken to capture an event, or a moment.

Far from being confused, we are in the most exciting and energising era of brand comms I’ve ever seen. When it works, and the faces fit, it is incredible. If you are prepared to experiment, trust your influencers and your agency then you will have some of the best and most measurable content you’ve ever had as a brand.