We’ve signed off our last press release.  

No, we are not quitting the industry, we are merely on a quest to convert stories into coverage in an inspiring and motivating way.

Sounds good, right?  Great!  Let’s replace the painstakingly drafted (and redrafted) 2 sides of A4 with a well crafted story, enthusiastically delivered.  Let’s challenge ourselves to translate product benefits into experiences and narratives that ease into social media, content and coverage in a natural and exciting way.  Let’s respect the busy agendas of long suffering release recipients and give them something to smile about and a reason to enquire further.

In today’s fast paced world of social media and content, the good old release –  bless it – just doesn’t cut it for journalists or for brands committed to making progress and delivering results.  

We’ve been asking around and know this for a fact – just one example was a good friend of ours at a leading national supplement who said:

 “I’d much rather receive a snappy news led top line message from a brand than have to click through to a lengthy press release. A hyperlink to the brand website would mean I can browse if I do want background info.  PRs are essentially doing their job twice by attaching a release”

Whether it’s film or voice or just getting to the point in bullet point form,  we are up for anything as long as it’s not chunks of information with a company logo at the top. Don’t get us started on ‘notes to editors’…

Do you think the release has had its day?  Do you, too, want to join our mission? We welcome your thoughts…